Latest Corona Virus Bali, Indonesia Update


Like everywhere in the world these days, also the Indonesian government has two main goals: one, to stop the virus from spreading. Second, to manage the health care system and underlying logistics to cope with the current situation.

International tourism has been put on a halt since March 2020 by stopping the visa free regulations, that allowed visitors from 160 countries to come to Indonesia without a visa. This left a little door open for the Bali lovers to come, because until 31st December it was still possible to apply for a Business or Social Visa with the help of an agent.

But due to the outbreaks of new mutations, Indonesia has now implemented a stricter lockdown until 8th of February, which will most likely be extended.

We don’t expect Bali to open for “normal tourism” (visa free or visa on arrival) soon. We expect however, that soon it will be possible to come to Bali again by applying for a business or social visa like it has been before the 31st of December.

In any case, foreigners holding a KITAS, KITAP (work permit, residency) or with diplomatic visas, can still enter Indonesia.

Corona Travel Status Quo

Current Travel Restrictions and Immigration Policies Bali – Indonesia

  • All Indonesian Borders are closed down for foreign visitors until 8th February 2021 (also holders of Business and Social Visas)
  • All visitors must be able to prove to be vaccinated at least twice, otherwise, entry to Indonesia will be denied.
  • Indonesian citizens from abroad, Holders of Diplomatic Visa, Duty Visa for Ministerial Level, KITAS, and KITAP are still allowed to enter Bali – Indonesia but will be put into a hotel at their own expense for 8 days (quarantine) and subject to 2 tests
  • The Central Immigration Office in Jakarta will return to process all types of OFFSHORE visa applications not before 8 February 2021 or until further notice
  • Foreigners staying in Bali or other areas in Indonesia, for now, are expected to still be able to extend their Business and Social Visas ONSHORE after 8 February 2021

Flying Requirements TO Bali – Indonesia

  • There is NO direct flight to Bali. All foreign visitors must go through Jakarta International Airport – Soekarno Hatta
  • Must show a negative Covid-19 PCR/ SWAB TEST document upon arrival. The test must be taken a maximum of 48 hours before the flight to the origin country.
  • Filling up personal data information in the e-HAC Indonesia app (an official application from Indonesia authority to monitor the migration of people within the country)
  • Visitors are required to take another PCR/ SWAB TEST upon arrival
  • While waiting for the results (eight days), visitors will be quarantined in appointed hotels, at their own cost.
  • On the eight day of the quarantine, visitors must go through another Rapid Test, and if the results are negative, you may continue your journey
  • In case of a positive result on PCR/ SWAB TEST, visitors will be sent to a hospital at their own cost


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