Clarification from the Director General of Immigration

12 Feb 2021 supplement. This clarification from the Director General of Immigration was dated yesterday and issued this morning. It says those with existing e-visas may enter Indonesia.

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Latest Corona Virus Bali, Indonesia Update

Like everywhere in the world these days, also the Indonesian government has two main goals: one, to stop the virus from spreading. Second, to manage the health care system and underlying logistics to cope with the current situation.

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Situation Update: Response to COVID-19 in Indonesia (As of 1 February 2021)

On 18 January, the Vice President launched the National Convalescent Plasma Donor Movement, as an effort to increase the recovery rate and reduce the mortality rate in COVID-19 patients with severe and critical conditions.

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How Bali Escaped Being Virus Hot Spot With Local Traditions

Bali, the resort island popular with backpackers, was always seen as a fertile ground for the coronavirus as millions of foreign tourists flock to its beaches. But it is today being touted as a model by Indonesian authorities in tackling the pandemic...

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'No miracle': What explains Bali's low coronavirus cases?

The Indonesian resort island of Bali, which received half a million international tourists a month until visas on arrival were halted on March 20, is now the site of a medical mystery that has beguiled many: There are no visible signs of a widespread coronavirus pandemic here

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